Forget Me Not | Lore
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This is also a major W.I.P. so please be patient, as I add more details concerning the world of Forget Me Not, thank you!

Beliefs and Luck

C h i l d r e n O f E s h n u e

Eshnue, also known as the "mother" is the Sunspirit, which blesses the inhabitants of Soritas Isola with good fortune, which is what the Soritans' belief is based off of: Luck. The majority of Soritans stick closely to their beliefs, celebrating Eshnue with the yearly summer solstice, in which she is welcomed and thanked by them for spending her their longest day down on earth. Magical things are said to happen during the solstices due to her presence, which is why Shamans work hard to capture her essence in their trinkets, lucky charms and concoctions by crafting many of them on that very day.

Firelillies are seen as a gift from her and are sacred plants, which are not to be harmed or picked, unless they are found on the ground. Oddly enough, nobody has ever seen one wilt.

As a sun-worshipping folk, the Soritans like to link good and bad events to weather. A sunny day is the optimum, while storms predict bad luck and signifies Eshnue's anger, so does a burning hot day. A sunny day during the winter represents hope, while a rainy day is a symbol for the Spirits weeping.

Customs and Symbols

There are quite a few customs spread across the North and South, most of which are shared by both regions.

W h i s t l i n g

Nothing too big, but still quite known around many areas, mostly those who are very well informed of and believe strongly in the spirits. Whistling is seen as a tribute to Tenaru's deeds and a sign of peace.

S w a l l o w s

A sign of summer and safe return. When letting go of loved ones, who are leaving home or travelling elsewhere, they are usually told: "May the swallows bring you back home safely." and given a swallow's feather. The swallows are also associated with Tenaru and his whistling and therefore seen as his messengers. The Messengers of Soritas Isola used to wear swallow feathers on them as a way of identification, though these were replaced, as swallows are rather common.

M o t h s

Moths aren't seen as good signs, as they represent Renzir and therefore represent the gates into the spiritworld. They are associated with death.

F i r e s

Every village has a fire. It is used to cook, defend and to give warmth and light. It is also seen as a guardian for the village, as it is believed that Eshnue's soul rests in it. If the fire goes out, it is seen as a great sign of misfortune and someone is immediately sent to the next village to fetch embers.

T a i l s

The tail of a creature is a symbol of beauty. It is important to keep one's tail well-kept. This shows good hygiene, one's social status and to some part one's vanity. Therefore it is seen as a disgrace and one of the highest punishments to have one's tail removed, as this is an excruciatingly painful and pride-robbing process.