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This is also a major W.I.P. so please be patient, as I add more details concerning the world of Forget Me Not, thank you!

S o r i t a s I s o l a

Language: Soritan

II Language: The Old Script

Season: Long Sun of year 162

R e g i o n s & P r o v i n c e s

T h e S o r i t a n K i n g d o m

The South is a Kingdom ruled by Canine King Legis Redtide, assisted by his Advisor Fennris Broomtail, as he expands his illness and famine ridden territories to gain the Farlands' resources.

S o r i t a n P r o v i n c e s

A ' m a i n

S a r k a v i n

R a m i n o

Ramino is the southernmost Province. It is separated from the other two by mountain ranges and has the E'bahs island chain to the east.

T h e F a r l a n d s

The Farlands is the region behind the northernmost mountainchain and is inhabited by tribes and Soritan outlaws. Little is known about this region, but the "civilised folk" hungers for their adbundance in food. According to legend, the lawless tribes live with their own rules, feasting upon trespassers and worshipping the Sunspirit more than anybody else. The craft of charms and potions is extremely common there and many remnants of their superstition can be found within the territories stolen from them.

T h e F a r T e r r i t o r i e s

V a h a r i s

T h e C r y i n g F y o r d s

S e n a s

S a n t r i s

S o k k a r i s


Years are considered to start in March, rather than January.
Season Name Equivalent
Spring New Bloom March
High Spring April
Late Bloom May
Summer Long Sun June
High Summer July
Late Summer August
Fall Pouring Rain September
Falling Leaves October
Bare Crowns November
Winter First Snow December
Midwinter January
Last Frost February


The animals on Soritas Isola have way longer lifespans, as they live in societies and have access to medicine, etc. Furthermore, they age a lot slower than your regular felines and canines would. Most individuals reach ages up to 10 years, while others make it for much, much longer. However, due to the war and spreading famine across the Soritan island, the average life expectancy has fallen to about 7 years.
Category Age Equivalent
Infant 1M 1Y
Toddler 2-3M 2-3Y
Child 3-12M 3-12Y
Young Adult 1-2Y 12-18Y
2-5Y 20s
5-8Y 30s
8-10Y 40s
10-12Y 50s
12-14Y 60s
14-16Y 70s
16-18Y 80s